RE/MAX Malta recently launched a new technology suite to its 300-plus sales and
letting associates, as part of its overall strategy to become the most innovative real
estate company in Europe.
Onyx, the state-of-the-art real estate suite is targeted to help improve the productivity
of sales associates and brokers/managers. The platform consists of a number of
modules; at the core, one finds the real estate management module called Fusion, a CRM
(customer relationship management) module, human resources module, marketing
module, and a fully-fledged statistics and reporting system for monitoring of
performance. The software is web-based and available on desktop computers, while the
real estate management module, marketing and the CRM will be available on both iOS
and Android App stores in the coming weeks.
The company’s strategy to invest in a software company comes from the ever-changing
evolution of technology within the industry. As a stakeholder, RE/MAX Malta will be
able to leverage its resources to introduce new technologies quicker than relying on a
third-party developer, while positioning the company as the leader in technology for
real estate and providing the public with real-time analysis of the real estate market
The new set up was established between the current CTO and CIO of RE/MAX Malta,
Sammy Zammit, and RE/MAX founders Kevin and Jeffrey Buttigieg. Mr Zammit has been
with RE/MAX Malta – both a consultant and a full-time employee – for over 15 years,
and has held several roles within the company, including Technical Support Officer,
Speaking about the new entity, Mr Zammit stated: “RE/MAX has continuously provided
advice to international third party software companies on how to develop our ideas
over the last 15 years, so we came to the strategic decision that we would be in a
smarter position to set up our own company that would create software at the very
forefront of the industry. Following the very positive feedback we have received, I am
proud to see this dream finally come to a reality.”
The real estate management software, which is the main tool that an agent will utilise
for their role as a professional real estate agent, has been developed to be as user-
friendly as possible. It provides associates with several different ways to service their
client and find the perfect property for them.
Associates have several ways to stay in tune with the market as well. The programme
has a notification system that may prompt the agent or, optionally, the client when
properties that that fall within the customer’s criteria come on to the market in real
time. On top of that, sales associates can also send properties that match their client’s criteria

in various marketing templates and formats, such as email, pdf and video. “The system has been built to provide both the agent and the client with a seamless
experience, which will help make purchasing a property more memorable and positive.”
Now, the PropTech company is aiming to launch all of its associates’ tools in both iOS
and Android apps so that it will further improve the experience for the agent and the
customer. Co-founder Jeff Buttigieg said: “We are always looking for ways to increase
the speed of service and improve the overall customer journey. Now with mobile
applications such as this, our agents will have our database and tools at their fingertips.
It is a first for Malta, and it is our intention to develop more mobile tools going forward,
including a fully-functional customer-facing app be the end of June 2020.”
Managers and franchise owners will also have access to the same software but will be
able to understand what their agents are doing and can measure their performance at
their fingertips. “With statistics and data at the click of a finger, our agents will be better
able to understand the market, and make knowledgeable decisions when it comes to
managing our people. This gives us an excellent competitive advantage,” he adds.