The Malta Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (MSPCA) has launched a crowdfunding campaign on local platform Zaar to support the refurbishment of its charity shops and to raise funds for the Floriana Rehoming Centre.

The ‘MSPCA – Make a Difference Today’ campaign has been set up to raise the funds required to continue the vital work of the Rehoming Centre, which has seen a rapid decrease in income due to the closure of MSPCA shops in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The long-term goal of MSPCA to refurbish both its charity shops based in Sliema and Mosta – as well as increasing the capacity of the Sliema branch – will also be addressed via the campaign.

“Our charity shops emerged in response to our lack of funds, as we do not receive monthly funding from the government,” explains Mary Cassar Torreggiani, MSPCA’s Fundraising Manager. “These charity shops are big long-term investments that are essential for the running of our Floriana home – but as they have been closed for two months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to find new ways to raise funds.”

As the oldest animal welfare and homing centre on the island, the MSPCA is geared towards rehoming, while giving all animals the best in love, care, and attention. Investment in the MSPCA not only supports its daily operations, but also continues the professional training it provides to its staff in collaboration with organisations such as Dogs Trust, so that the team combining paid professionals and kind volunteers is sustained.

To help it achieve its overall funding goal of €7,000, the ‘MSPCA – Make a Difference Today’ campaign on Zaar offers a series of attractive rewards besides the satisfaction of helping local animals through supporting the MSPCA. Through open donations of €10 or more, backers can come to the shelter and enjoy the company of a dog on a walk. Campaign backers who donate €15 or €20 will receive an equivalent voucher to be used within the MSPCA shops, while those donating €50 will receive a shop voucher and a card to be able to redeem points in the future, and those contributing €100 will also be eligible to become an MSPCA member.

“The MSPCA shops provide a valid service to the community in many ways – from encouraging the reuse and recycling of many items and offering a variety of excellent quality items at low cost, to supporting the animals that we need as much as they need us,” continues Ms Cassar Torreggiani. “This is a cause that benefits our animals, our environment and the wellbeing of our society. Every little bit helps to make our home a better place!”

Visitors are invited to make a donation to the ‘MSPCA – Make a Difference Today’ crowdfunding campaign on Zaar online at More information, including the visiting hours of the home and how to volunteer at the home or shops, may also be found at