Malta’s business coaching company, UP Ltd, is bringing out award-winning international
speaker, Michael Dodd, to run the session for business leaders who feel the heat from
ever-tougher questions.

Mr Dodd is a one-time political and foreign correspondent who was trained in his native
Australia to ask what they call Down Under “blowtorch-on-the-belly” questions.

These days, as a London-based communications-boosting speaker, Michael Dodd helps

people around the world to give better responses to such questions.

The author of “Great Answers To Tough Questions At Work” will be running the master
class in St Julian’s on 27 February.

The Malta business leader behind the event – Julian Azzopardi, Chief Executive of UP Ltd
– says “People leading businesses of all sizes are under tremendous pressure these days
to stand up to tough questioning from customers, financiers, officials, members of the
public and often from members of their own team.

“The digital age means it’s becoming ever-easier for questioners to dig up material from
the internet – accurate or otherwise – to fuel their questions and seek to hold leaders to
“Our Malta master class will help equip attendees to give better answers than many are
giving now – so they can be both more helpful to their questioners and reduce the stress
on themselves,” Mr Azzopardi said.

Business leaders – and others taking part in the event – will be shown how they can
enhance the content of what they say, the way they structure their answers and the way
they deliver them.

Michael Dodd said “It’s splendid to have the opportunity to come to Malta to help
business people – and others – to reveal the methodology and techniques for giving
impressive, powerful and enlightening answers.”

“I’m looking forward to sharing the golden formulae for giving great answers to tough
questions, nasty questions and tricky questions with audience members at the Malta
event,” he said.

“After I was trained to ask blowtorch-on-the-belly questions by the Australian
Broadcasting Corporation, I noticed that while some people handled them with
remarkable ease many others would verbally collapse under the heat.”

“I then discovered that those who did well had often been given some guidance in the art
of answering them – and it was fascinating to learn and further develop those techniques

The public session of “Great Answers To Tough Questions” will be held on Thursday 27
February 2020 at Radisson Blu, St Julian’s.

For more information about the event visit