St John Malta’s Training Branch has widened its scope of specialised training in first aid by launching a new online course that addresses divisions in society that typically lead to conflicts.

The voluntary organisation has added ‘Conflict Resolution – Addressing Divisions of Identity’ to its training courses, working in collaboration with the Organisation for Identity and Cultural Development (OICD). Designed by the OICD Institute, the exclusive course will guide participants both in understanding how identities create conflict and in what can be done to counter and prevent prejudice, discrimination, hatred and persecution.

“St John Malta is thrilled to be able to offer the OICD’s specialised course as part of our training portfolio, which will be of interest to anyone who seeks to build cohesion, peace and harmony with those they work alongside or serve on a daily basis,” says James Cilia, Commissioner – St John Training. “By making this unique course more accessible and affordable locally, we are upholding our mission at St John to promote physical, mental and spiritual health, and wellbeing in the community. By working with OICD in offering this course we are working with the highest level of professionals”.

The course’s interactive online classes will be led by a qualified expert OICD instructor and facilitator, exploring identity and conflict resolution through small-group discussion, roleplay, problem-solving exercises, multimedia content and mini-lectures. Limited to no more than 12 participants, the course has no formal entry requirements and is ideal for public-facing professionals and practitioners from sectors such as health and human services, social care, humanitarian aid, community development, diplomacy, hospitality, impact assessment and social policy.

“The OICD is delighted to be offering this course in collaboration with St John Malta, making our knowledge on the theme of identity more accessible, while placing the tools to deal effectively with conflict directly into the hands of practitioners,” explains Prof Bruce White, OICD Director.  “Course participants will learn how many conflict-causing divisions in society – ethnic, racial, religious, political or economic – are rooted in issues of identity. They will also be empowered to counteract these negative forces in the everyday to create a positive, peacebuilding perspective.”

As an Enrolled Voluntary Organisation, St John Malta comprises St John Ambulance (First Aid & Nursing), St John Rescue Corps, and St John Training, offering not only vital community services in ambulance, nursing and rescue and firefighting, but also training in first aid, firefighting, rescue and water lifesaving.

All training courses have been adapted to be operated safely and in a COVID-19 secure manner, either by being delivered virtually or at locations where all necessary safeguards can be established to protect both participants and instructors.

Priced at the reduced rate of just €50 per person, the ‘Conflict Resolution – Addressing Divisions of Identity’ course with St John Malta will be delivered over three weekly sessions of three hours each. Successful candidates will receive a certificate of completion issued jointly by St John Malta and the OICD. Proceeds from all training courses are used to support services provided by St John Malta for the community and the OICD for its peace and cohesion educational program development.

Conflict Resolution – Addressing Divisions of Identity’ course with St John Malta will be held on Tuesday evenings from November 17th (6-9pm). A full course is three evenings or 9 hours of total instruction. Participants aged 18 or over may register online at Companies or organisations are kindly requested to contact St John Training via email at to arrange group training. Further information about OICD may be found online at


Bruce White